As Glen Alsobrooks began retirement he thought it would be fun to see if there were others curlers that might be interested in a Senior League. Calls were made, info was sent out, and before he knew it the senior league began.

League play began on January 12, 2012 with 16 regular curlers and 4 subs. The season would end up going 11 weeks, taking only one day off for the Lewiston International Bonspiel.

We meet every Friday morning at 10 A.M. so we can get together for lunch immediately following if we wish. Twice during the season we also had great potluck lunches.

This is a Fun league – no set teams. Teams are decided each week by drawing for team members or using a format that changes your position and team each week depending on a win or lose the previous week. Some seniors also played in regular club league play and others played just the Senior League.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or a beginner, if you just want to enjoy the sport with a varied format you may want to check it out. For additional info feel free to call or email Glen Alsobrooks any time!


Lewiston Curling Club

Lewiston Curling Club

Lewiston Curling Club