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Lewiston Curling Club Lifetime Members

Lifetime Memberships are occasionally offered by the Lewiston Curling Club Board of Directors to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Club.

Honorary Lifetime Members are individuals that have shown great interest in the Lewiston Curling Club and have been a member in good standing for at least 30 years.  Nominations for Honorary Lifetime Memberships are made by the Club president and must be approved by a majority of the Club membership.

The following individuals have been so honored for their dedication and contributions to the Lewiston Curling Club:

Harold Aarons:         Lewiston Curling Club Founder and First President

John Walters:           Lifetime Member and Charter Member

Edward Scott:           Honorary Lifetime Member and Ice Maker

Larry Mack:               Lifetime Member

Glen Alsobrooks:     Lifetime Member and Benefactor


For Many Years of Dedicated Service and Extraordinary Commitment to the Lewiston Curling Club:

Randy Pyle:               Lifetime Member

In Appreciation for Dedication and Generous Contributions:

Walter Keskine:       Lifetime Member

Tyler Smith:               Lifetime Member

Todd O. Laug:            Lifetime Member

Roberta Currie:        Lifetime Member

Lewiston Curling Club

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