LCC Curling League Information


2022 Season Calendar:

Mini Season:         Begins week of Monday November 29 2021

                                  Ends week of Monday December 20 2021

Regular Season:  Begins week of Monday January 3 2022

                                  Ends week of Monday March 28 2022

                                  No curling week of Monday March 21 2022 (Spring Break)

                                  President's Cup Playdowns: Saturday April 2 2022


Lewiston Curling Club League Structure:

Regular Season: 

Lewiston Curling Club leagues run for 12 weeks each winter starting the first Monday after New Year's Day in January and continuing through the last week of March, with a week off in late March to coincide with Spring Break.  The season culminates with the President's Cup playdowns which take place the first Saturday in April, where the top 8 league teams during the season play a single day tournament to crown the club champion.

There are four different league nights available from Monday through Thursday with games starting at 7:00pm.  Each league night consists of four teams, which are created each season by the club's Games Committee in order to try and spread the competitive balance across all of the teams on a given league night.  This also ensures that new/less experienced curlers are paired with more experienced curlers, and all curlers benefit from playing with a different set of teammates each season. 

Mini Season:

Mini season is a four week session that typically starts in the last week of November.  Mini-season is a non-competitive league that is designed to allow curlers to "get their curling legs" back under them in advance of the regular season.  It is also a great way to introduce new curlers to the game and allow them to learn the basics of the game prior to playing in a league.  Players change teams and positions each week during the mini season.  Mini season sessions are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights with games starting at 7:00pm.

Friday Social League:

The Friday Social League is a non-competitive friendly league that meets each week of the season on Friday morning.  Players change teams and positions each week just like the mini-season, with the goal of providing a friendly atmosphere in which to play and socialize with other club members.

Season Membership Dues:


Full Member: $205 -- Includes membership in the US Curling Association and Great Lakes Curling Association.  An immediate family member can join for an additional $95.

First Year Curler: $100 -- Includes membership in the US Curling Association and Great Lakes Curling Association.

Student Curler: $100 -- Must be a full-time student.

Mini Season: If you wish to play in the mini season the cost is $50 for full members and $25 for first year and student curlers.

There is no additional cost for club members to play in the Friday Social League.

Season dues for full members must be paid by December 15 prior to the new regular league season starting.

Season dues for first year and student curlers must be paid by your first league night of the season (first week of January).

Lewiston Curling Club